Boss Bottled Pacific Perfume Review

Boss Bottled Pacific Perfume Review

The Boss brand’s latest release is an “Elixir” and it’s done by one of my favourite perfumers: Annick Menardo (although Fragrantica lists this as a collaboration with Suzy Le Helley).

This Elixir is a dry crisp scent. It opens with green cardamom, and then goes to a cedar and smoky frankincense blend. There’s also vetiver here which helps with the smokiness and accentuates the dry nature of this scent. It really sparkles against the usual ambers of the season but it would work well in any weather. There’s a molecule in this with epic longevity that goes with the dry woody notes in the scents. This is truly a Boss perfume – try this if you have to dress professionally to work and have a lot of energy. The dryness will contrast with any type of heat that might be around.

Although this is an “elixir”, the formula is a parfum and it behaves like one too. It’s meant to last the whole day and it delivers on that front.

Boss Bottled Elixir is marketed as a masculine perfume but if it wasn’t for that one ultra-long-lasting molecule, I feel like I’d be able to pull it off. It’s an almost niche-smelling perfume (a compliment here) with how strong its dry woody character is. The cardamom is *chef’s kiss*, but I can never resist cardamom.

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