Beware Of Fake Love –

Beware Of Fake Love –

What do you want from a relationship? Authenticity and genuine emotions, right? Unfortunately, at times, people may pretend to be in love by showing signs of fake love. Are you in a relationship with a girl whose behavior is often doubtful leaving you confused? In case you are in a mess and searching for some signs of a fake girlfriend that she might be, here we have you covered. Fake love leads to a deceptive and insincere relationship so be careful.

How To Recognize Fake Love?

Wondering how to recognize whether your woman is really in love with you or just pretending to love by showing signs of fake love relationship which you are finding difficult to believe. Here are some signs of fake love from a girl that will guide you towards clarity.

Read on to recognize the signs of a fake girlfriend to protect your heart from heartbreak later on.

Confused about fake love from a girl? Identify Like This!

signs of fake girlfriend

“My friends warn me to get out of this fake love relationship.” – But why?

“Mom, she is my love. Even then, you’re warning me to watch out if she is fake.” – But why?

You cannot ignore the warning signs your loved ones might be pointing out. Who knows, you’re still inexperienced in relationships with women. That’s why you need to be cautious and observant regarding heart matters.

A fake girlfriend has many traits that you need to identify. A manipulative woman behaves in ways that can be misleading. It can even be your emotional damage. If you find your woman displaying any of the following signs, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate your relationship. 16 Signs She Is Pretending To Love You

15 True Signs Of A Fake Girlfriend

signs of fake love from a girl

Inconsistent Behaviour

Inconsistency is one of the signs of a fake girlfriend. She may appear loving and caring one moment & her affection would be gone the very other day. Watch out if your girl showers you with attention but suddenly becomes cold without any apparent reason. Consider leaving her.


If your girlfriend flirts with other people more frequently, she is fake. Yes, and especially if she is into flirting in front of you, it’s a clear sign of disrespect. Flirting comes in when there is a need for more commitment. A genuine partner always respects your feelings and is mindful of your actions.

Avoids Conflicts

Where there is love, there are conflicts. Yes, you read it right. It’s okay if the two of you agree on every term. A fake girlfriend may avoid conflicts and difficult conversations altogether. If she doesn’t address issues in the relationship or dismisses your concerns as unimportant, you can consider her not “invested” in the relationship.

Lack Of Romance

Romance is what keeps love alive in any relationship. A girl who loves you would do everything to keep the spark of romance burning. For instance, you will find her baking your favorite cake or planning a romantic dinner together! While not everyone expresses love similarly, a noticeable absence of romantic gestures and affectionate actions might indicate a superficial relationship.

Smart Liar

What forms the fundamental aspect of any genuine relationship is honesty. Where there is honesty, there is a healthy love blooming! A fake woman is always ready to hide her true intentions from her partner. Her lying frequently & consistently about small or significant matters is one of the clear signs of a fake girlfriend.

Hungry For Validation

Is she in constant need of validation? Well, that’s the trait of a fake girlfriend. Such fake women may have low self-esteem and constantly seek reassurance from you. You must provide her emotional support because it’s essential in a relationship, but wait. Check if the relationship is built solely on fulfilling her emotional needs without her being invested equally. Now that’s an unhealthy affair. 10 Signs Someone Is Secretly Jealous Of You

Excessive Self-Centeredness

A partner who often talks about oneself is called self-centered. If your girlfriend is only interested in her achievements or problems, there’s something wrong with the relationship. Her selfish behavior can’t be ignored. It can be hurtful and frustrating as, here, you’re the one who is left undervalued.

Zero Compromise

You cannot just give in to her with every single decision. A relationship works when the two of you find a balance and make compromises. Not seeing your girlfriend willing to compromise on anything can be a warning sign. Remember, compromise is an essential aspect of any healthy relationship. If this doesn’t exist, there will be constant conflicts and dissatisfaction in the relationship.


A girl who holds grudges and seeks revenge when conflicts occur is a fake soul. In a relationship, sometimes you and sometimes she can make mistakes. But the mistake doesn’t mean to be revengeful. If your girl resorts to revengeful behavior instead of resolving issues through open communication and understanding, I doubt it’s not love!

Materialistic Attitude

No one would be with you ‘just’ for your money. Because where there is love, there is no room for worldly attitudes. A fake girlfriend is very much interested in your material possessions, gifts, or financial gains. She would value your money more than the emotional connection. Woho! That’s the ultimate red flag, run away.

No Long-Term Plans

One of the significant indications of a fake girlfriend is she avoids discussing or making any long-term plans with you. If you find her dodging conversations about the future and running away from any long-term commitment, you can be unsure about the genuineness of your relationship with her. Take this as a warning that she considers you an option & not a choice.

‘Too’ Possessive

A healthy level of possessiveness is good and needed in a relationship. But, when she is over-possessive about you, it might be her being a fake girlfriend. Girls who are often too jealous of you, hanging out with your friends is a sign of insecurity and control. How could you be with someone who doesn’t allow you to have your own space?

Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Love is a feeling that offers comfort. You should never feel uncomfortable around your girlfriend. And if you do feel so, is there any love at all? Remember, when she lets you be yourself and comforts you with your personality, she loves you truly. If not, why are you even in this relationship?

Frequent Cancels Plans

Now this is what is very annoying. If your girlfriend frequently cancels plans at the last minute, it is a sign that she values you and this relationship very low. A girl in a relationship would always prioritize spending time with you. She would make efforts to make the “time” quality time! After all, this is how a genuine partner is defined.

Gut Feeling

You know something is missing or doesn’t feel right in this relationship. Never ignore your gut feeling. It is often a powerful indicator of whether or not the partner invested in the connection is genuine. If you go through a constant feeling of doubt or unease about the relationship, please listen & act as per your instincts because there’s a reason behind those feelings.

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In conclusion, recognizing the signs of a fake girlfriend will only protect you from being shattered. Keep these 15 points in mind because there is no hurry to be in a relationship that only broadens the complexities of love. It’s high time you prioritize authenticity and sincerity in your romantic connections.