An Update on Damsel in Dior

An Update on Damsel in Dior

Hello old friends,

It’s been a minute. Three months to be exact. I’m sorry to anyone that I’ve left hanging here. Life somehow got in the way of me posting to this blog and I’ve slowly migrated my efforts to the new platform called Substack that many of you are following.

The truth is, the back end of this blog became far too much for me to manage. Posts were taking hours to upload, edit and design. For every product you find on this website, it involves uploading it into photoshop first to edit and then I have to manually upload all of the details on the back end prior to uploading them into the blog. It’s a complicated process and I was finding myself not sharing as much here because of the time commitment.

I started a “Basic” substack with the hope to share more in real time. As you may know, life has also been very challenging this past year on a personal level so I’ve been cutting corners where possible to help alleviate any unnecessary stress.

With all of this said, I miss you. I miss my blog. I miss this community. Perhaps I will slowly start to post here again but are we still even reading blogs these days? Would love to hear from you and get your feedback on what you would like to see or hear more on lately.

xoxo jacey