8 Best Cheap Wallets For Men Of All Sizes and Styles in 2023

8 Best Cheap Wallets For Men Of All Sizes and Styles in 2023

It’s the 21st century and the best cheap wallets are to be found inside the magical World Wide Web. In the wallet world, the difference between luxury and cheap isn’t all that great. The biggest differentiator might just be the brand name supplying it.

By stripping a product of its world-renowned logo and opting for a lesser-known make, you can find some of the best wallets going. Whether it be a coin purse, a cardholder, or a note-swallowing bifold, there are plenty of high-quality, affordable wallets to be snagged.

I’m always, always saying on this topic: it’s better to save the money you would spend on an expensive wallet, for the wallet. It’s “why they pay me the big bucks,” to quote Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. I also store said big bucks in my very affordable wallet. The list of the best cheap wallets of 2022 has been finalized, so read on to find out what they are.

Key Takeaways

There are three grades of wallet use that will determine which of the ‘best cheap wallets’ you purchase. The first is the voluminous, pro-cash choice.

Try the Cambell Cole wallet for this. The second is mid-sized, i.e., cash and card but without bulk. For this, we suggest our overall winner from Artisan Lab, as it’s a nice balance of all you’ll need a wallet for. Lastly, is the card-only option from YESIIW.

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Artisan Lab Leather Wallet - Navy

Material: Leather | Colors: 4 | Size: 14.5 x 10.5cm | Type: Purse

The best cheap wallets aren’t made of poor materials or without care. The best cheap wallets retain the attributes of expensive wallets and yet, are affordable. Artisan Lab uses high-quality YKK Japanese metal hardware and full-grain leather cared for in Tuscany.

The leather is hand-finished with a Costola alla Fiorentina. This is a long-lasting, beautiful and traditional stitch finish. Artisan Lab also has a five-year in-house repair guarantee for any faults. That’s why this wallet is numero uno.

Campbell Cole Simple Slim Wallet

Material: Leather | Colors: 1 | Size: 12.5 x 7.5cm | Type: Bifold

With this khaki Campbell Cole bifold wallet, you will never go wanting for space. It boasts six card pockets, two large pockets (I suggest one for notes, one for receipts), and finally a zip coin pouch on the outside. This wallet covers every single pecuniary possibility. Plus, the sumptuous veg-tanned Italian leather will withstand years of economic abuse and you’ll start to see it age at a similar rate as your spending, which is nice. The khaki leather tone is a revelation. I never knew how much khaki works on leather, it’s phenomenal.

Neutrale Recycled Wallet

Material: Recycled Leather | Colors: 3 | Size: Unknown | Type: Bifold

The best cheap wallets for men shouldn’t cost the earth. This wallet is made from recycled leather fibers gathered in Spain. It has six card slots, bold stitched details, and debossed branding. Wallets shouldn’t have to shout about being eco-conscious, they should just do it.

Eagle Creek RFID Blocking Wallet

Material: Ripstop | Colors: 1 | Size: 19 x 13cm (7.5 x 5in) | Type: Trifold

Data theft via RFID skimming of credit cards and ID is apparently low. But, if you travel a lot and need 100% peace of mind that your cards/data are secure… why not be protected? The tough ripstop diamond cross-hatch exterior protects all the important stuff inside. And the wallet is secured by velcro.

This is a neat retro touch and is super practical. This wallet is ideal for those putting their wallets through harsh environments. Think extreme sports, trekking, and years and years of paying for things.

Acne Studios Logo-Appliquéd Cardholder

Material: Faux Patent Leather | Colors: 2 | Size: 7.6 x 10cm (3in x 3.9in) | Type: Card Holder

Remember that time in the introduction to this article when I sort of slated designer wallets for being poor value for money? Well, I stand by that. But, I adjust it slightly by admitting this Acne Studio wallet into the mix. While it isn’t conventionally cheap at just over $100, it is designer cheap.

Plus the idiosyncratic look of the purple faux patent leather combined with the sharp lime green and the chic neutral face Acne logo, simply can’t be found elsewhere. It’s bold, vibrant, and a conversation starter every time you whip your wallet out. This couldn’t be a better wallet to figuratively dip your toes into the designer world.

YESIIW Minimalist Pop up Card Holder Wallet

Material: Aluminium & Lycra | Colors: 7 | Size: 3.84 x 2.56 x 0.44in | Type: Pop Up

I met one of my mates a while back and he proudly displayed his new wallet to me. “That thing?” I said, bemused. And that’s when he flicked the flick and all of the cards splayed out so elegantly to choose from, and it all made sense.

It’s made from durable and super lightweight aluminum which protects your cards far better than a regular leather wallet. Plus, it’ll slip easily into your pocket thanks to its slim size and slippy material. But it’s the side lever that tips it, making it easy to get cards out. However, I didn’t realize how affordable the whole package was. That’s why this is one of the best cheap wallets for men.

The Sticky Wallet

Material: Spandex | Colors: 1 | Size: 2.35 x 3.6 x 0.25in | Type: Sticky Wallet

Admit it. You’ve clicked on the FashionBeans cheap wallet thinking you’ll be guided through the best cheap wallets for men. Haven’t you? Well, hold onto your wig, because what we’re about to present… isn’t a wallet.

It replaces a wallet by sticking to your phone/phone case and allows you to stow away cards and small amounts of cash. So, you’ll never need a separate wallet again and the outline of your pants/jeans/dress trousers will be pristine. Slimming down your essentials? That’s what I call minimalist.

Billy Tannery The Cardholder

Material: Leather | Colors: 5 | Size: 11 x 7cm | Type: Card Holder

With the modern world accelerating, the days of cold hard cash are numbered. Look beyond the curve and switch to this (semi-) cashless operation with this super sleek leather cardholder by Billy Tannery. Bank notes are storable in the main of the three cardholder slots. Wondering where to put receipts?

Take a picture of them, enter them into your app-based accounting software, put them in the bin, and get with the damn times. With that solved, let’s look at this fascinating product.

The brand uses leather as a by-product of goat dairy farming. The leather is bark-tanned and then made in small batches into cardholders in the Midlands, UK. That makes this product sustainable, sleek, and stylish.

Mobile Phone With The Sticky Wallet
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What To Look For In The Best Cheap Wallets


Leather is the optimum material for a wallet. It’s durable, which for a wallet is imperative, and it builds aesthetic character over time. Recycled leather is an eco-friendly alternative. Meanwhile, ripstop nylon is tough but doesn’t come across as particularly adult. Whereas an aluminum card holder is somewhat novel, modern, and rugged.


Choosing a size will depend on how you like to use your wallet. If you use cash frequently or, even, represent the staunch cash-only demographic only use cash, a bifold or trifold will be optimum. If you like to avoid hard currency but still come in contact with it, a coin purse or sticky wallet is best. If you prefer to eschew hard currency altogether, try a metal case.


Folding wallets are defined by whether they fold twice (bifold) or three times (trifold). They will usually have a cardholder section, a notes section, and sometimes a section for coins. It is the most practical, but bulky choice.

A metal case will only be able to carry cards, but it’s sleek and will withstand high pressure. A coin purse is my personal favorite, since it can take cash, coins, and cards, but isn’t too bulky. And finally, a sticky wallet is limited in scope but very minimal. If you want just cash and minimal fuss, try a card clip

Brown Leather Wallet By Artisan Lab
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Final Verdict 

Our overall winner for the best cheap wallet is the coin purse from Artisan Lab. That’s because it blends card use, cash use, and minimal space usage to great effect. Keep an eye out for materials (metal vs leather) and how you use your wallet day to day. Think about it now and you’ll make your life easier for the rest of your days.


    • A cheap wallet for men should be anywhere from $10 to $110 dollars. The reason it goes so high is that there is such a thing as a cheap designer wallet. But most cheap non-designer wallets shouldn’t exceed $60. That way you can achieve a good blend of long-term economic sense with the upfront cost (i.e., you don’t have to keep buying cheap replacement wallets).

      • It might sound trite, but don’t spend more than you can afford. Yes, it’s an item that other people will see every day and it’s a chance to make a statement. But, there are reasonably cheap wallets for men available as this article lays out so that you don’t have to go bankrupt and still snag a useful, stylish, and durable wallet.