19 Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes

19 Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes

Say goodbye to difficult-to-style fringes, and hello to low-fuss trendy bangs. Whether you choose to rock an up-do or relaxed natural waves, wispy bangs can help take your look up a notch, no matter your hair type.

Our International Creative Director, Andy Heasman, explained: “the wispy fringe is a very popular look right now as it’s very adjustable, and can be adapted according to your face shape.” We’ve rounded up some of the coolest wispy bang styles to take inspiration from below.

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What are wispy bangs?

A wispy fringe is a lighter, more feathery take on the traditional fringe. While this look is sometimes confused with curtain bangs, the two are very different. Curtain bangs sit with a middle parting and tend to be thicker, whereas wispy bangs are essentially a subtle, more playful version of a full straight fringe.

The weight of our hair is what keeps it straight, so the lighter your bangs are, the wispier they become. That means that no matter your hair type or thickness, this fluttery look suits everyone.

How to cut a wispy fringe

Andy told us that light, weightless hair is the secret behind this whimsical look:

“The key to perfecting a wispy fringe is to keep the hair feathery and light, so that it falls effortlessly to frame your face.”

Our stylists use upward movements and thinning scissors to create this effortless feel.

Step One: Your hair is styled with a middle parting

After sectioning your dry hair into a middle parting, we’ll take a small section of hair from the front of your head, and clip back the rest of your locks so they don’t get in the way. The size of the sectioned-off hair will depend on the density of your overall locks.

Step Two: Your hair is elevated and cut

Your stylist might suggest removing some of your excess hair to create your fringe: your hair needs to be lighter to create that elegant, wispy look. If your locks are naturally on the thicker side, thinning scissors can help reduce some weight.

As your trim begins, your stylist will lift your hair up and with the point of your scissors, snip along the ends of your hair to help remove any excess.

Step Three: Your fringe is feathered

To perfect the wispy fringe look, your stylist will feather your bangs. You can achieve this by using the same technique as removing excess weight: your stylist will snip hair vertically to get the level of wispiness you desire.

Step Four: Your new bangs are styled

Once cut, we’ll spray your fringe with some water to dampen it and reveal your natural texture.

Your hair will then be dried forward with a round-barrel brush to help your fringe fall elegantly onto your forehead.

Wispy bangs style ideas

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


1. Spice up your bob

Bobs are all the rage right now – add in wispy bangs for the ultimate cool-girl look.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


2. Choppy and chic

Looking to add definition to your hair? Try adding layers and wispy bangs to add movement and texture. Long haired babes will love this look, with extra layers helping your fringe make even more of a statement.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


3. Sleek and effortless

The queen of wispy bangs, Selena Gomez always pulls off more daring looks, and this sleek and effortless bob is no exception.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


4. For the beach babe

Update your beach babe hair with a summery, wispy fringe. This bright-blonde colour reveals layers and definition within the hair.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


5. The supermodel look

Take inspiration from Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins, who has perfected the ultimate 70’s blow-out hairstyle, with chic wispy bangs to match.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


6. The soft wispy fringe

This blonde bombshell shows just how perfectly a soft wispy fringe can help to frame your face, emphasising your features.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes

7. Colourful wisps

Looking to inject some colour into your look? Opt for a bold pop of electric blue to give your wisps a new lease of life.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes

8. Striking copper

This shiny copper hairstyle and cropped bangs can take your hair straight into autumn.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


9. Full wispy bangs

Take inspiration from Ashley Tisdale with a full wispy bangs look. Paired with lots of layers and a soft chocolate colour, this look gives off the ultimate cool girl vibe.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


10. See-through wispy bangs

If your hair is naturally fine, see-through wispy bangs are a low-maintenance way of styling your locks.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


11. Eyebrow-skimming bangs

If you’re looking for a fringe that’s sure to turn heads, then eyebrow-skimming bangs are the perfect choice for you. Keep things modern with a cool-girl grunge-y bob to match your bangs.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


12. Wispy 70’s shag

Shag haircuts look great on all hair lengths. Add a wispy fringe for a modern wolf cut twist.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


13. Medium length brunette style

For a contrasting look, pair wispy bangs with longer, shiny flowing locks.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


14. Surf-inspired bangs

Channel your inner surfer-girl with this highlighted bright blonde hairstyle, finished off with choppy wispy bangs for a relaxed look.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


15. Wispy bangs with choppy layers

Add volume with variated strands in your fringe, just like this choppy layers and wispy bangs combo.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


16. Two-tone colour

Make a statement with this vibrant two-tone look. Feathery blonde strands help this fringe pop, while fiery orange locks will turn heads whether you wear your hair loose or not.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes

17. Sharp-cut bob

Soften up your chop with a high-cut highlighted wispy fringe. Undercut with shiny blonde, this jaw-grazing look works with both straight and wavy hair.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


18. French bob with wispy bangs

For the ultimate French look, add wispy bangs to your choppy bob. These bangs look chic and modern combined with a wash of sleek brunette colour.

Ways to Wear Wispy Bangs & Wispy Fringes


19. Pixie cut with wispy bangs

There’s nothing cooler than a pixie cut. Paired with a soft fringe, this edgy cut and platinum-blonde wash helps add a feminine touch.

Cutting in a fringe can feel like a big commitment, but if you’re looking to shake up your mane, wispy bangs are the perfect middle ground. Get inspired with more micro fringe ideas, or book with your local salon to create your own wispy bangs look.


Do wispy bangs look good on chubby faces?

Wispy bangs are a great choice for those with a rounder face, softening natural curves. The face-framing cut helps to add definition and shape to your face.

Who can wear wispy bangs?

Because they are light and feathery, wispy bangs suit every face shape and hair type. Straight-haired babes can try a more edgy, short look, while those of us with natural curls can rock a wavy fringed ‘do.

How do you sleep with wispy bangs?

If you want your bangs to look salon-fresh after a good night’s sleep, keep them in place with a roller. Make sure your hair is dry before nodding off, as wet hair in bed is prone to damage and breakage. When you’re ready to style your hair, gently pull the roller down your fringe, and use your fingers to brush your fringe through.